Forum on Hawai‘i’s Military and Warrior Past
a Network and Conference
The Forum” is an organizational alliance formed by sponsor organizations and interested individuals whose desire it is to perpetuate the cultural and historical legacy of Hawai‘i’s military personnel and organizations from the Islands’ warrior roots to the present-day.

The Forum embraces the three eras of Hawai‘i’s military and warrior past:

• Classical (pre-1810)
• Monarchy and Republic (1810-1900)
• Modern (Territory and State)

Our Mission
The Forum facilitates the sharing of knowledge and information relating to Hawai‘i’s military and warrior past among individuals, educators, and participating organizations by way of a conference that provides a venue for all to gather, discuss, and present on matters of relevant historical and cultural significance.
Our inaugural conference planned for November 2020 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.
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